Compare and contrast the achievements of the Persian and Chinese civilizations

2. Reflective Journaling and Summary
Journaling entails writing entries in a notebook (or computer file) that describe your experiences, feelings, ideas, and reflections. Writing in your journal should occur as often as possible ? the more you write, the more you will learn about yourself (Carper?s Self- Knowing and Unknowing, Barrett?s Power as Knowing Participation in Change). Regular entries will provide you with rich and often surprising material to review and discuss. Trust the writing process ? it works! Journal entries may come from personal, academic, and professional incidents/reflections. Journaling can strengthen theory informed reflection of life. This is your private journal and will not be turned in to the teacher.
Summary Reports: Two times (at least!) you will carefully read and review your journal. This step is an important reflection process that will reveal to you major themes and issues that you have experienced, felt, and thought about. You will then write 2 short papers (1-2 pages) that describes the emergent themes of your journal. If you choose to do so, you can share your reflective paper with your dyad partner and provide each other with a constructive critique prior to submitting it to the faculty. Elements of these reflective papers include:
? A description of the experience and process of your journaling ? how often, when, the ease or difficulty of writing, your feelings about the process, etc
? A summary and analysis of the major themes and your reflections regarding your journal, and elaborate with theories and concepts discussed in class i.e. Carper, Barrett, Newman, group process, therapeutic communication, centering, presencing, facilitating a healing environmental field?.
? Your analysis of what you have learned from this journaling experience; any changes in your thinking, attitudes, behaviors, and values; and how the journal themes and ideas may influence your future behavior and attitude?as both person and as professional nurse.
? References (APA format, 6th edition). If references are used, APA format is required

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