Computer Networks


Dear Students,

Please read carefully the following policies. You should follow these policies when you do your assignments:

  1. When plagiarism is detected, Zero mark should be given to respective question(s).
  2. Students are required to write their answers on the same Assignment template. If template is not used, then the assignment will not be accepted and Zero mark is rewarded.
  3. Submission format should be as Word document only.
  4. If students don’t fill their information on the cover page, then 1 markshould be deducted from the assignment.
  5. Students are not allowed to convert any text into an image (unless required by the assignment). Text images will not be marked.
  6. No assignment is accepted after the deadline, and Zero mark is awarded.
  7. After the deadline, if a student did not upload the correct assignment or you cannot open the document due to an error, then those scenarios are considered to be student’s fault and Zero mark will be awarded.
  8. Only 1 attempt will be granted for submission. However, if any student makes a mistake when submitting the assignment, and they approach the instructor before the deadline is over, then the student would be allowed another submission attempt on Blackboard.

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