Consumer Behavior issues

Locate a current article or one published during 2009-2014 that addresses Consumer Behavior issues.  Use any online business periodicals or other online publications that are applicable to the course (see a Consumer Behavior Resources list attached)


Cite your source (textbook, websites, publication, etc.) using APA Style at the end of your assignment (2-3 pages double-spaced with one-inch margins – 12 Font in Times New Roman or Arial).


Assignment Sections Required: * Use this format for your consumer behavior article


1)  A brief summary of the key point(s) of the article. (SUMMARY)


2)  How the article relates to a key concept(s) covered in the course and the implications for consumer behavior practitioners.  (RELEVANCE)


3)  A personal evaluation of/reaction to the article, based upon the consumer behavior perspective gained during the course. (REACTION)


4)  Reference Page to include citing the textbook, websites and any other information researched and use.(Reference)Cite all sources using APA Style – see syllabus.


5) Attach article link at the end of your written assignment. Your link must be operational.You will lose point if I cannot access your article.


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