This blog critique focuses on MBA Mission, a site that specializes on MBA admissions and how to help clients do this the best way they can. MBA experts from prestigious institutions such as Harvard Business School and Yale, most of whom are published authors on the subject. The main goal of MBA Mission is to provide the best resources to help applicants get into their chosen MBA programs. This includes helping applicants with their MBA application essay, helping the applicant prepare a resume and cover letter, and championing their applications in front of the admissions department of their programs of choice. The company also offers a free consultation which only requires basic information from the applicant such as preferred graduate courses and one? GPA, to name a few. The website is easy to navigate and loads easily, with none of those fancy graphics that do nothing more than slow down your browser. The site stands out from the rest for a variety of reasons.

For one, it offers a flat fee to all clients and offers personalized services by catering to a select number of clients per year. The site also distinguishes itself from run-of-the-mill admissions assistance resources with its impressive roster of admissions experts and its collection of essays made by the world? The company blog is a repository of various topics ranging from GMAT questions, application essays, and answers to the progress of some cities like Chicago in the area of marketing. Given the relative success of MBA Mission in their field and with its rich resources as can be seen in the number of admissions experts working for the company, it might also gain from targeting the high school market. A lot of high school seniors also face the daunting task of trying to get into the college or university of their choice and they need professional help to do so.

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