cultural brief

cultural brief

An individually written 1000 words summary, what may be called a ‘cultural brief’ outlining the key points of your group’s country

situation (in regard to going, doing, and the possibility managing the businessthere)

o Have a title ofthe work and in a brief way highlight and discussthe critical International Management elements in the respective case study,

o Relate the above to and highlight whatwould be the relative challengesto the International Managers who carry out their roles across country borders, and howthe challenges
were met.

o Conclude as if recommending what your boss would in regard to the relevant businessthat might have left Australia to another country.

o As well, identify and explain the value differences (e.g. the local meaning orvalue of work between Australia and the

respective country) thatwould frequently affect job behaviours.

o Distinguish the major dimensions which do define the cultural differences among societies or groups in the regards ofthe countries.

The brief should be providing an advice to your CEO/bosses of whatto expect if potential joint-venture, partnership or another business structure is developed in this country.

The assessment need to related to the powerpoint .including introduction(background) critical analysis,cultural challenge, management function,recommendation.

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