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Remember I said the panel had a responsibility to select a winner? Well, we completely shirked our responsibility, but only due to the quality of the works. We have a joint winner for the Non-Scripted. The responsibility shirking was complete in that we have a 3-WAY TIE for the Best Non-Scripted Artwork prize. Now for the top 3 Prizes. All of these works also go straight to the Grand Finale round. It’s no fun at all choosing 3 works out of 99 from such a high quality round. We however did manage to get through the top 3 without any ties. If I’m not mistaken its only the 4th time a non-scripted piece has finished in the top 3. Was touch and go between this piece and the 2nd place winner. A brilliant artwork that inspired Sophia Yates to create a machinima about it within 24 hours of it being set up at the UWA Gallery. The final month adds a new name to that illustrious list! This completes a remarkable sequence for Misprint, as her first piece this year won 3rd, her 2nd piece finished 2nd, and her final piece taking 1st at the final monthly round at UWA! Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to all the artists who have entered the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge across the year. We are officially receiving machinima for 10 days and a bit, and it closes on the 10th of November. If you are a machinimatographer, we hope to see some works from you, if your colleagues are machinimatographers, do work with them to showcase your work and those of others! Also, do remember the date for the grand finale round, which is 6am slt Sunday 11th December.

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