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Copywriting as a genre of writing is pretty old, with its off-page versions in print media. However, since we are talking about online writing, let’s see how copywriting services work on the internet. Copywriting is thought to be the most creative genre of the lot, so far as writing for the web is concerned. A copywriter has less than half a second to make a visitor feel interested and turn to a prospective customer. If the words fail to win him/her in this fraction of a second, he/she is going to click out of your page and visit the website of your competitor. A lot depends on the copywriter. Be it creating the tagline for a company, the selling words in the brochure or the compelling articles that make instant sale – a master copywriter does the trick. The job of a technical writer is different altogether, proper documentation being the primary concern.

This is impossible to be a technical writer without having in-depth knowledge in what he/she writes about. When it is as complicated as technology, it is definitely a big deal. Academic writing, in relevance to writing for the web, is not beyond question. There have been many ethical as well as legal issues concerning academic writing services. Let’s not take sides; rather explore the job. Academic papers include term paper writing, dissertation papers, thesis papers, research proposal papers on all academic discipline. Academic writers should, of course, have subject specialization. An academic writer with expertise on marketing and management may not be an excellent choice for writing a paper on a medical topic or a paper on Chemistry. Again a specialist in medical writing may not be able to deliver a literary criticism since the required literary knowledge. He/she also has to know the expectation of a teacher from a student in a paper.

The concept of writing went trough another transformation, giving birth to another genre, with the introduction of Search Engine Optimization aka SEO. SEO content writing, often referred to as SEO writing only, is writing to please the search engines. SEO friendly content abides by the rules as well as requirements of the search engines, especially in respect to originality, keyword-richness and the power to incur interest. Content Marketing was an idea that came along with the concept of SEO. Valuable and relevant content like articles, classifieds, press releases and even blog posts started being submitted to various submission sites. Power of words was never so strong as this. Google along with other search engines considered these contents with hyperlinks to respective websites with greater values. Thus, article submission, press release submission, classified submission – ‘content marketing’ as it is called in technical terms of SEO, came to be very very popular as SEO weapons. Even now, when the concept of SEO is so aged and so enriched, content marketing is thought to be the most crucial part, with obvious justifications.

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