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How do they remain current/up to date in today’s market? Again, if you’re polite you can ask this of me, else, form an opinion of your own. Do they travel a lot for work? Uhhh, maybe the Galleries separated by COUNTRY might give you some indication of this. What is their favorite part of their job? Ask me: be nice. So it breaks down into really only 2 or 3 questions you have to ask. So those last three responses? How long they have been operating? How did they get their start in photography? I did all of this while working in another field to generate the business to a point where I could cut and run, to become a full time professional. Unfortunately, landscape photographers face an uphill battle to become professional in today’s market. I make lots of my income via selling licences to companies and other users of the images, and so it generates a passive income. In late 2017, I had a house fire, and lost everything. I lost a lot of gear, images, trophies, certificates, books and I lost the motivation because it’s just so hard to recover from that.

I’ve remodelled my business and I’m considering what comes next. Because of it all, I still work in another industry (IT) and am considering taking the skills and knowledge I use everyday work and applying them to lectures. I’m still deciding what’s next. How do they remain current/up to date in today’s market? Simply just listen out. Turn up to events. Professionally, I’m writing blogs such as these and working on what I can do with limited time again.. I’m still selling licences to images and planning when and where to take more. There’s no shame in taking a pause to figure out what comes next, and it takes however long it takes. What is their favorite part of their job? You’re going to laugh, but it’s simply the zen time. I’m quite the introvert, so people and loud sounds and all that exhaust me. So I love the quiet time of being on-location with a scene, photographing something I don’t have to direct or tell it how to pose, I just move around to suit my subject and that’s the best part. When the research of finding the best conditions all align and I capture a scene I’ve wanted for ages, well there’s nothing better than that. So next time please, assignment-frenzy-time-short-student, PLEASE treat me like a human being, speak to me like I’m your mother or your father or your grandmother and BE POLITE. Manners get you a long way.

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