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Undifferentiated fever usually develops in children infected with DENV for the first time and has the same set of symptoms as other virus infections. Sometimes this disorder is accompanied by maculopapular rashes. Dengue fever is accompanied by “headache, myalgias, arthralgias, rashes and leucopenia” (WHO Fact Sheet). Sometimes the disease is accompanies by more severe symptoms such as muscle and joint pain and haemorrhage. Dengue fever usually does not affect the local population in the areas where this disease is endemic. Dengue haemorrhagic fever occurs with a quick advent of high fever, often accompanied by the liver enlargement. In some cases this acute condition is accompanied by circulatory failure. The fever reaches 40-41 degrees Celsius, along with febrile convulsions and haemorrhagic phenomena. The fever subsides after 2-7 days, after which symptoms usually disappear. If the patient enters dengue shock syndrome, death can follow within 12-24 hours if he/she is not rescued by intensive therapy.

DHF usually occurs in people who have already experienced the DENV infection, although sometimes it can be found in people who are contracting DENV for the first time (WHO Fact Sheet). Dengue was found in only 9 countries before 1970, but since then the disease has been gaining spread and severity. The number of the countries reporting dengue has risen by four times and continues to increase. Every year viruses cause infections in almost 100 tropical countries, leading to 2,000-3,000 deaths, primarily of children. The pandemic of the 20-21st century was caused by the changes in lifestyles that came with “population explosion, urbanization and rapid transportation of large numbers of people” (Pan American Health Foundation). The new conditions in the developing countries where population growth has been especially quick precipitate the spread of the infection creating a more favorable environment for the main DENV transmitter, Aedes aegypti. Quick migration of the developing nations’ population to cities with poor urban infrastructure, inadequate water supply, and heaps of solid waste can lead to high proliferation of Aedes aegypti (WHO).

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