Topic 1: Abused Women

Often, society does not understand the dynamics of abuse and why abused women often stay with their abusers over long periods of time. What are the realities for the abused woman? How do these realities affect the treatment of battered women?

Topic 2: Models of Treatment

In reality, models of treatment are often broken down into parts depending on the needs of the client. If you were treating a client with a chemical dependency, which parts of the various models of treatment as well as the format of treatment (group, individual) would you use? Provide a rationale for your selections.

Topic 3: Team Meetings

How can a supervisor conduct an effective team meeting? What are some of the necessary elements and why are they necessary?

Topic 2: Personality Assessment

For this Discussion, you will take a short 60-question personality assessment.

Before you can take the personality assessment, you will have to register on the Brainbench website. View step-by-step instructions on how to register for the personality assessment.

Brainbench Website

Brainbench.com. Retrieved from http://www.brainbench.com/testcenter/brainbench/cert.jsp?core=/vtc/cert/psych/begintest.ljsp.

After you complete the personality assessment, an “Evaluation Report” will be mailed to your Kaplan email. This report looks at six different personality traits. Review your Evaluation Report and then answer the following questions on the Discussion Board:

1. How does your level of social boldness affect the way you manage?

2. How does your level of agreeableness affect the way you manage?

3. How does your level of self-control affect the way you manage?

4. How does your level of anxiety affect the way you manage?

5. How does your level of openness affect the way you manage?

6. How does your level of reasoning skills affect the way you manage?

APA style

Answer questions seperately 

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