Get help for Davenport-University BUSN 210 Homework Help. Relate why and how business ethics is important to you. Provide examples of your personal observations and the impact that ethics has on your personal and work life well-being. Use at least one credible research source in addition to the textbook to support your discussion answer. Grading criteria for the Discussion Question responses and replies are listed under a Rubric posted in the Rubric area of the Syllabus section. Use APA 6th Ed for in text citation and references. See APA resources in the Student Toolbox in the navigation bar, if you are unsure how to cite and reference correctly. Resources: Under Student Resources, click on “DU Library” for information on APA format instructions, Noodle Tools, Tutoring Services, and other information specific to our class. Society seems to expect a lot from business. Is it possible to achieve a balance between profit and other business goals and the expectations of society? Why or Why not? Discuss and support your answer, with a minimum of two references from academically credible sources (such as the textbook and an internet source, or two internet sources).

CASE – The case for this term is: Case 14: Apple Inc., p. 551 (Ferrell, 2017, p.551). This is the case that you will use for all of your Journal links, which you then edit and compile, to become your Final Paper. All documents are located in: The “Syllabus, Calendar, Rubrics” link in the left course navigation area. The Rubric is essential, and will guide you through each Journal entry. Note that this case is also included in the previous edition of the Ferrell text. Instructions: Click on the Journals link, and post your Journal entry for this week. After you post each week, I will comment with feedback. Then you will edit and compile these, which will become your Final Paper. Sections 1 and 2 are due this week. There are five sections in total, which you will compile into your final paper. Be sure to use the numbers, for clarity and grading. 1.0: Describe the Facts, Stakeholders and Issues of this case.

Facts – Generally, it is good to start with the year of the founding of the company, their key areas of business/milestones, and the facts that led to the unethical/illegal behaviors. You may need to use the company’s website for a source, if this information is not in the case. Stakeholders/stakeholder groups – For a good analysis, use 4-5 key stakeholders. See the chart on p.34 for guidance (Ferrell, 2015). List the Stakeholders, discussing briefly their interests and concerns in the actions of the company. Good business writing is clear and direct! Issues – For these analyses, issues are the illegal and/or unethical problems that the company is having and/or has had. List and discuss 2-4 issues/problems. 2.1: Discuss how the ethical issues in the case may cause legal problems. 2.2: Discuss how the ethical issues in the case may be perceived by the community (with factors such as reputation). 2.3: Describe what steps/actions the company and/or individuals could consider to remedy the situation (public relations, internal changes, etc.).

List 2-4 steps/actions, and number them, since you will use these later in the paper. Business writing is very clear and direct. List and discuss pros and cons for each of your numbered steps from Section 2.3, above. I will grade your journal using the appropriate section of the case analysis rubric, located in the “Syllabus, Calendar, Rubric” link, and will provide feedback that you can then use to edit for your final paper. Note that the lengths are minimums, and can be exceeded. Ferrell, O., Fraedrich, J. & Ferrell, L. (2017). Business ethics: Ethical decision making and cases (11th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning. Locate an article or a website specific to issues related to ethics in the technology field, for example: “Protecting personal identities online” or “Company e-mail policies” or “Online advertising” or “Hackers,” or other technology-related ethical issues. Articles must be from a reliable and academically credible source.

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