You will work with your lab partner in collecting data during an experiment. You may not, however, submit the same lab report. Your lab report must be in your own words. You may not submit tables, graphs, figures, or any other parts of a report that are duplicates of someone else’s work. You are not allowed to photocopy material from any source for inclusion into a lab report. Lab reports will be graded on originality as well as completeness and correctness. This is a participation class; if you are absent, you may not obtain experimental data from other members of your class. If you need to drop off a lab report to your lab instructor, at a time other than during lab, then you should place it in the “Lab Reports” box on the front desk in the Physics Department Office (D.311). The report will be put in your lab instructor’s mailbox. You are not to go past the front desk and into the mailroom. The date that the report is received will be recorded on the front of your lab report. Lab reports left in that box after 4 pm will be sorted and dated the following day.

Lab reports that do not have your TA’s name on the front page will have 5 points automatically deducted. Labs reports will be scored by basing eighty-five percent (85%) of your grade on your written report and fifteen percent (15%) on your pre-lab assignment/quiz. Grading Rubric: Most of the rubric is easy to understand. In order to keep the rubric reasonably compact, the “Achievements and Flaws in Discussion” section is abbreviated. Below is a chart with more details on how that section is used to score your reports. The amount of points deducted depends on the number of flaws. Five points will be deducted for not being written well. But if the discussion section includes the term “human error” and does not use units with a number in the discussion, and was poorly written, then 15 points will be deducted. An incorrect but readable discussion is not an achievement! The Baylor University Honor Code will be strictly adhered to.

Sometimes depending upon other comments, it is worth another one. Glad you liked this hub about old timey autograph books and what was written in mine. Peggy I have read soooo many hubs and other writings that I am not sure if I have read this But regardless, I am glad I found it and enjoyed reading it again. It was another walk down memory lane. I still have some of my autograph books with silly and sometimes heartwarming messages written within What a treasure. This old autograph book certainly brings back many memories of days in the past. Am sure it would do the same for anyone who might have had one and who kept it through the years. Thanks for the share. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for sharing your great memories. I wish now that I would have kept an autograph book as a kid. Voted up and sharing with HP followers.

At least this brought back memories of your same autograph book. Too bad yours did not survive. Appreciate your comment. Happy Thanksgiving today! I had that same autograph book, but unfortunately mine didn’t survive. What a fun page you’ve created here. Your family autograph books must be fun to read and nice that they have been preserved. I appreciate your comment. I have several old family autograph books. Always great for reviving lost memories. So glad you liked this. What a treasure to have your mother’s autograph book from the 1920’s! I have my mother’s autograph book from the 1920’s. Some things never change. Voted up, awesome, tweeted, pinned and shared! Autograph books, if kept through the years, can bring back happy memories. It is a nice and inexpensive gift to give children. Some people like to collect famous person’s autographs. For me it was just about collecting them from people that I liked and loved. Glad that you liked this idea and thanks for your votes and the share.

5 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA. It is indeed a pleasure reading some of your beautiful memories and the lovely messages written by relatives and friends. It is indeed a treasured possession you have. Great that the trend of having autograph books has not totally gone out. We need to preserve it. Thanks for sharing this treasure house of memories. Voted up, awesome and sharing it. It is true that emails are for the most part read and then deleted. Nothing is quite like having something written down in an autograph book or even in letters. Nice to know that they still sell autograph books! It is a tradition worth keeping. They would make a GREAT stocking stuffer! Thanks for your comment. The sad thing is, these precious little treasures seem to be a fadding trend. After all, you can’t keep text messages and emails soon get forgotten.

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