Descriptive Writing Sample

Steve always wore his stern face wherever he went. His face was always stone cold and it seems like he had no display of emotions. Blue veins could be seen across his pale face everywhere he walked. When he felt disgusted or angered about something, his face would turn pink as the veins on his face matched up to it by turning green. Steve was originally from Arizona where his parents lived but later, he move to Manhattan after completing his degree in the medical field. The state offered many opportunities for him and at that time he worked as a paramedic.
Ever since he was a child, he had always wanted to be a doctor. This is because his brother died after getting an accident and there was no one who could give him the first aid that he had required at that moment. The doctors at that time said that first aid would have been crucial in ensuring that he survives. He therefore developed the passion to help others but te=he trauma that he faced after the demise of his brother seemed to affect him even to his life as an adult since he developed a carefree attitude towards everything in life. At time she could be seen staring into the sky as if he was waiting for something to drop down. His mother always said that he thought that his brother would one day come back in the form of an angel and they would share the special moments that they had once again. Steve was now left with his little sister. Only 19 years of age. He really loved her and said he would do anything to take care of her.
No one liked being around him. Whenever he stood up to walk, it seems that people would clear the path for him as him he was a highly dignified person. His tall height and his muscled physique did not match up to his young age of twenty six years. Most people thought that he was in his mid-thirties!
Steve was a paramedic. It is always a mystery on how he managed to end up in such a career path that usually requires someone to be empathetic to others in pain and need for assistance. He works in the hospital but he does not care about the patients. He would carry his cigarette packet all over and would smoke every time he felt like he wanted to. At one point he had a conflict with his employer since he smoked three whole cigarettes at an accident scene while supervising first aid that was being administered to the casualties.
One day, they received an emergency call about a high school boy who was murdered by his friend that had an illegal gun. When the paramedic team rushed to the scene most of them were overwhelmed with tears as they felt so sad due to the sudden demise of the young boy. The boy had been shot in the head and he feel off the window of his storey building and they could see his brains scattered all over. Steve looked different though. He was seen pacing up and down the room as if he was looking for something. He then walked close to the body almost stepping on it until one of colleagues let out a huge scream that brought him back to concentration.
One day his phone rang. “Hey Steve, you need to rush over fast” “Mum, I am so busy”, Steve replied. His mother knew how much he loved his sister. Actually she was the only person whom Steve always showed compassion towards. She was his only sister. Steve did not want to go but he felt a force inside him pushing him to go over to the apartment to see what had happened.
Steve drove in his car back to his house. The sounds of the sirens deafened his ears as he feels a buzz inside his huge head. His wailing mother cried “I do not know what I shall do, my angel is no more!” Steve walked past her as if she was invisible. He matched up to the living room , steadily, not knowing what awaited him. What he saw on the ground brought back quick memories of what he had been seeing during his working periods. He remembered one day when he was called over to help a women who had been stabbed by her lover but since he was too slow to respond the women died.
The silk dress that her sister wore reminded her of that women whom he once neglected. And that time, it was her sister. He went over and turned her beautiful, innocent and bloody face upwards and held her close to his heart. She was too young to die. “”Who did this to my sister”, this is the question that rang in his mind as a tear flowed down his cheeks.

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