Get help DeVry-University BUSN 115 Week 4 Midterm. Question 2. Question : (TCO 1) Which of the following statements most accurately identifies a serious limitation of the free-market economic system? Question 5. Question : (TCO 4) Which of the following statements about the operation of a corporation is correct? Question 9. Question : (TCO 4) Todd and Jorge have considered starting their own business but are concerned about the possibility of losing their personal assets if the business fails. Question 10. Question : (TCO 4) Erin developed a new type of exercise equipment she calls the Tush N’ Tone. After unsuccessfully searching for potential investors, she arranged a personal loan and borrowed additional money from her parents. 1. Question : (TCO 2) Which of the following is the most important step to help improve America’s business ethics? Question 3. Question : (TCO 3) Last year the Bank of Plenty, Inc. made an all-out-effort to go paperless.

The bank’s public relations arm promoted the strategy both internally and externally. Customers were strongly encouraged to utilize the bank’s online services for all their banking needs. Customers could sign up for local workshops where employees were dedicated to showing them how to navigate the bank’s new website and find the information they required. Question 5. Question : (TCO 4) As a high net worth individual, Allison searches for growth firms in need of additional funding to achieve their goals. Allison expects to assume ownership in the business. Question 8. Question : (TCO 3) Norvada is a small nation that has followed protectionist policies for many years. Which of the following would be an example of a nontariff barrier established by Norvada? Question 11. Question : (TCO 1) Explain what a stakeholder is. Give examples of the different types of stakeholders. Question 12. Question : (TCO 2) Identify and discuss the social responsibilities of a company, to three different stakeholder groups.

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