The specific requirement for this paper is for you to discuss how the principles and concepts presented in the textbook relate to the Eight Stages in Kotter’s book The Heart of Chance, this integrating the two books, The purpose of this paper is for you to demonstrate that you understood the interrelationships between the practices espoused in Leading Change and the more Academic information introduced in the textbook. The integrative paper must be organized around the eight stages in Kotter’s Heart of Change book, with each stage discussed in a separate, clearly identified sections of the paper (e.g. Stage 1, Establishing a Sense of Urgency). For each of Kotter’s eight stages discuss how the specific concepts discussed in the Ivancecich, Konopaske and Matteson textbook support or contradict that specific stage (or error). Points will be deducted if you fail to follow this format. The readings each week loosely tie the information in the textbook t the relevant chapters in Kotter’s Heart of Change book, so this should help you organize your thoughts. In addition, during the course your should take notes and outline the relationships between Kotter’s book and the textbook as they occur to you. This will make writing the paper considerable easier and improve its organization and quality. However, given that there are so many principles and concepts that you could relate to Kotter’s book, the key is to identify and discuss only the most important concepts that are relevant to the specific theme and error. Your grade for this paper will be based on how well you meet three criteria. 1. The number of relevant principles and concepts you identified for each stage or error. 2. The quality of your reasoning about how the principles and concepts in the textbook relate to the stages in Kotters book. 3. The quality of your writing and presentation

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