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It sorrowfully explains how Robin would find all of his oaks cut down and used for industrial purposes. The industrial revolution was also going on during Keats’ life. Keats describes how the poor have no choice but to live a terrible life whereas in the middle ages you could grow things for yourself and live in the peaceful forest with Robin and his band. In the poem, Keats shows skill at rhyming every line. He got a lot of practice during his childhood where he would rhyme his answer with the question anybody asked him. Keats is also a very descriptive writer and he uses metaphors in the line, “Of the forest’s whispering fleeces,” and in, “Many times have winter’s shears,”. They describe how the leaves on a tree form a coat and the sound of the wind going through that coat. The other describes how winter “shears” away plants and life like a shepherd cutting wool.

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