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Never deliberately taste anything in the lab. Acids and alkalis can cause severe mouth burns. Substances such as lead salts are very toxic even though they may taste sweet. Supposedly safe substances such as glucose may be contaminated. Never pipet solutions by mouth. It is easy to ingest a solution accidentally. Use a rubber pipet bulb to provide suction. Never touch any chemical with your bare hands. Use appropriate containers to dispense liquids and a spatula for solids. Use rubber gloves to clean up spills or contamination. Keep hands away from your face, especially from eyes and lips. Reactions that generate poisonous gases or fumes must be done in a hood. The lab manual and your instructor will advise you about this. Never inhale large amounts of any gas. Some are very irritating or toxic. Do not smell chemicals indiscriminately. To smell something, first ask your instructor’s permission; then waft a small amount of vapor toward your nose with your hand and sniff cautiously.

While the College’s insurance policy covers costs associated with a patient injured by a student in the course of the student’s clinical training, it no longer covers the cost of treatment for student injuries or bloodborne pathogen exposures. Students are therefore solely responsible for their medical expenses and will be expected to pay the facility that renders treatment. Students who are injured or exposed are advised to follow the protocol at their clinical site or at their own health care provider. If a student has no regular health care provider, Miriam Hospital can provide treatment. The cost of treatment at Miriam Hospital will be the student’s responsibility. The OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard was enacted to reduce the occupational transmission of infections caused by microorganisms that may be found in blood and other potentially infectious materials. All laboratory classes that involve the handling of potentially infectious materials must adopt the standard and enforce it stringently. Lab coats worn in labs at all times and removed before leaving the lab.

Lab coats not worn outside labs. No food or drink allowed in labs. Benchtops disinfected before starting any lab and disinfected after labs are completed. Gloves worn whenever blood or any potentially infectious material is handled. Hands washed with antimicrobial agent before donning gloves and after their removal. Gloves rinsed, removed and discarded in trash container, or if necessary, in biohazard container before leaving lab. Face shields worn when indicated by risk involved. Universal precautions followed whenever biohazard specimens are handled. Long hair tied back. All potentially biohazardous material disposed of in marked biohazard containers. No bending of used needles. No recapping of used needles except by OSHA-approved recapping device. Sharps discarded in special puncture-proof containers. Infectious spills cleaned up with the appropriate disinfectant. Instructor always notified in case of mucous membrane exposure or needlestick or cut injury involving infectious material. Wounds and exposure sites cleansed thoroughly with soap and water.

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