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Although, I have to agree with spfspart and anon @ 2:45 – if I’m not writing notes, some movement keeps me a bit more engaged than a statue does. When I teach I tend not to walk about much, just a leisurely stroll, as the damn slide advancer doesn’t work from very far away. If I can find one that works from the back of the room I’d really unnerve some students with my wandering about the class. My most odd (both funny and sad) student evaluation comment was that my pacing exacerbated the students’ anxiety disorder. I pace while lecturing. I am usually feeling hyped up about lecturing and I am also a bit hyperactive in general (i fidget, fold up pieces of paper, wiggle, tap, and so on – albeit usually quietly). I have tripped (and i’ve had classes where students made serious efforts to clear my usual ‘pacing pathway’ of obstacles before i arrived – sweet of them.

Despite how annoying i’m sure the pacing might be, my evaluations are generally strong. So i guess either my students are like other commenters OR, they just forgive me. I think there is a difference between pacing and moving around a classroom. I am hearing-impaired, and I often move around the room so I can better hear my students’ questions and comments. ] I also move around to communicate to students that I’m on to their games, such as texting during class. It has worked for me. That said, I do agree that aimless pacing is distracting. I’m a pacer during those rare times when I need to talk for a while without writing or running a demo. I recall being very aware of which professors paced (and occasionally made light of it with my buddies–who can resist accusing a prof of being “the physics department leprechaun”?), but I don’t recall being annoyed by it. I do not pace, and I wish I were better able to, because there are times when I would like to lecture while moving about specific parts of the room.

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