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On this forum, and most others, users are known by their username and not their real one. They may choose to provide more information about themselves like where they live, etc. but most do not. This ties in to the principle mentioned earlier, dissociative anonymity. Users on this forum are anonymous which contributes to a sense of disinhibition. The actions cannot be traced back to their real lives and this is freeing in a sense, enabling them to voice their true opinions without fear of repercussions. This is also true and noticeable within the game this forum is dedicated to, Diablo 3. The other two framing mechanisms I mentioned are extensions of Dissociative Anonymity. The first, Dissociative Imagination, can be demonstrated both through the actions of users on the forum and in the game itself. While playing the game or posting, individuals may choose to act like complete jerks or go out of their way to be helpful to others.

They know that, ultimately, they will be known by their usernames / character names. This enables them to create a new persona that reflects one or more aspects of their personality though the actions of their characters. This particular persona may be very different from their offline personality. The second, Minimizing Authority, is demonstrated somewhat subconsciously. With all users/players being anonymous, it is not possible to tell who people really are in the offline world. With that in mind, people are treated as equals with regard to their roles in offline life- that role simply is irrelevant. I have seen players and forum users that mention their authoritative roles in everyday life: Police Officers, Doctors and Lawyers. These individuals know that their offline roles have no pull in this particular arena however, and they set that role aside. In order to have authority on this forum, you must have an extensive knowledge of the game- and the achievement points to back it up. In this situation, 14 year old Jimmy may be far more knowledgeable about the game or forum rules and because of this knowledge; he is viewed as an authority figure within the environment.

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