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12. Man cannot know that god exists through his use of reason. 13. Faith and reason are both necessary for christens belief. 14. Using the begging the question fallacy is the same as the same as using circular reasoning. 15. When god by john the Baptist, Jesus asked referenced his miracles as evidence that he (Jesus) indeed the son of god. 16. Accepting the opinions of other as one’s own opinion without applying critical thinking skills to that opinion is what type of decision-making? 17. Mom, can i have a smart phone? All of my friends have one” is an example of. 20. When a shooting takes place at a school arguing that the reason it occurred was because of gun laws alone is what type of fallacy? 1. An “agnostic” is a person who believes that god exits but does not think there is enough evidence to prove he exists.

2. Global apologetic is a method of approaching world religions and presenting a Christian apologetic so it is understandable in their context. 3. A person can believe in macroevolution and still believe in the trustworthiness of scripture. 4. Naturalism does not have a basis for answering the questions of meaning or purpose. 5. Justification means to “declare righteous or holy”. 6. The following can impact a person’s worldview. 7. A salvation term which means to be”set part” from this world and unto god. 8. Your worldview will be foundational in how you answer the”question of morality”. 9. The second law of thermodynamics gives evidence that the universe has not always existed. 10. Evolution ultimately is based upon faith. 11. Peter singer in his book, practical ethics, suggested that human babies were born in the image of god with great value since their human bodies were so complex. 12. There was no logical response to the problem of evil which causes most secularists to reject Christianity.

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