2-3 ARP Essay for Crito (Philosophy)

Develop a short (2-3 page) essay in response to one of the following prompts. Remember that an essay should have a thesis statement (some claim you want to make, prove, or explore); should develop that thesis over the course of the essay (each part should develop or make reference to the thesis); and should have a conclusion. Since these are Analysis & Response Papers your sources should include the readings we’ve done for the class. In this case, you can use material from Plato’s Crito.

Choose one:

1) In the Crito Socrates narrates a fictional account of his dialogue with The Law in order to prove that he should not escape, as his friend Crito recommends, but should stay an accept his punishment (execution by poison). Develop a thesis that explores or critiques Socrates’ main claim and argument here (as The Law). Do you find the claims made convincing? Can you think of one or two counter-arguments that may be more persuasive?


2) Do we have a specifically moral obligation to obey the law? Consider Socrates arguement in Crito.

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