DREAM ANALYSIS /Metaphysical Thesis




The most important aspect about this paper is dream analysis as it applies to spirituality and religion.

I am writing (or you are writing) on how to use dream analysis in addition to basic counseling and the benefits that this method will offer, and how to best incorporate it in a practice. This is for a religious/metaphysical school so the undertone is religion and spirituality.

This is a THESIS to show A PURPOSE in this paper. It must state why this paper is important TO THE READER, done so in an interesting creative way.  It must have the undertone of the following:  Pretend you are soon going to open up your business as a psychologist/counselor and you are not only going to do it in a traditional way, you are a specialist in dream analysis and interpretation.  How exciting is this as a prospective patient to learn that there is a additional bonus of not only having basic counseling (for matters for example marriage/family/addictions/abuse/anger), but you will also get the religious/spiritual/metaphysical aspect of dream analysis that is incorporated into your counseling.  This counseling style would appeal to a potential client since it touches a person on a deeper level… a religious level that will bring awakening and faith to the client, and hopefully greater healing and improvement of their condition…… That is the undertone or the reason behind this paper along with creditable information and resources..  It should show how exciting or touching this addition of dream analysis can be to traditional counseling can be.



DREAM ANALYSIS Thesis 6,000 words / 20-25 pages. Why is dream analysis and interpretation a beneficial addition to a counseling practice. What system or process should a therapist develop to most successfully ascertain dream information from their clients. (Clients keeping a dream journal/suggest details to record/create forms) Lastly, how is analysis of their dreams successfully introduced and applied during therapy.
*****See attached file for essay construction – 6 chapters. MLA style
***deadline is flexible/can be continued if needed****

I have attached file” Dr. Paul Leon Masters” to show style of material and religious/spiritual nature of this paper.  You can refer to this in the works cited if you wanted to use this work.

I have attached “Alan-Allard” file as a sample thesis that was given a passing grade so you can see the style and necessary format.

Lastly, I have attached the file “ASSIGNMENT” which is the most important for your understanding of how to construct the thesis.

Thank you and please let me know if anything needs to be clarified.


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