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Assignment Description
For this assignment, you need to choose an industry and then analyze the growth pattern of that industry during periods of recession and periods of expansion. Examples of industries that you could choose from include auto, airline, higher education, food, healthcare, agriculture, housing, social media, fast food, sport, gaming, pharmaceutical, and movie industry, or whatever other industry you prefer. Remember, you are analyzing the growth pattern of the industry, not a specific commodity. The goal of this assignment is to
1. analyze the growth pattern of a specific industry;
. identify the sources of the growth; and
3. determine the relationship between GDP growth and the growth of that industry.
Your research needs to be structured with consistent and clear thoughts. It also needs to be supported by facts and data. Your results need to be based on solid facts. Your conclusion and opinion need to be thorough and based on your findings and understanding of GDP, the sources of GDP growth, and the growth pattern and sources of your industry.
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