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MSND people: This is a lot of you. Many of you need to look at Kevin Pask’s book, The Fairy Way of Writing. We have one copy in the library, and it’s not on reserve. If you check it out, use the listserv to let others know that you have it. I want you to share this resource. Pask’s chapter on MSND and his bibliography are the most important parts of the book. If you want to, you can even use the scanner at the library to send these parts to the whole class: [email protected] Come see me: I wrote “see me” and “see me asap” on a lot of the outlines. I also indicated that, if you come to see me in my office, I can help you find Jung quotations that will help some of you. It’s advising week, so figuring out a time will be difficult. Plus my HMXPers have papers due this week, and a bunch of them want last-minute help. But I’ll try to fit you in at a time that’s convenient for both of us. Works cited lists: OMG.

No one had a perfect WC list, alas. There were many errors in some of the WC lists. Most of you are ENGL majors, and my class offers a great opportunity to learn how to do MLA format. A WC list is one continuous list. It was okay on the bibliography to use sections. They don’t belong in a MLA WC list. Call the list “Works Cited” (without the quotation marks). Do not call it a bibliography. Double space everything. If you computer inserts extra space, highlight the page, click the line spacing icon, and click “remove space.” That should fix it. Italicize play titles and book titles. If a book title includes a play title, don’t italicize the play title. For example: Critical Essays on Hamlet. —that’s for the citations in the text), databases (italicize them), and lots of other details (see my markings). Cross referencing: If you have, for example, two plays from Bevington’s anthology, you don’t have to give all the bibliographical information for the book in each entry. Do an entry for the anthology with Bevington, David M., editor in the author position. Then do separate abbreviated entries for the plays. For example: Shakespeare, William. Hamlet: Prince of Denmark. Bevington, pp. 800-80. Then you’d have: —. Othello: The Moor of Venice. Don’t list what you don’t cite. A few of you gave me outlines that had no critical material in them but listed a bunch of sources. You outlined your analysis paper and tacked on items from your bibliography. You were instead supposed to read your sources and integrate quotations from at least 5 of them into your outline. Okay, that’s enough for now. See you in class.

It has determined the policies of macroeconomic in those countries according to critics. Solutions to this problem were to reform IMF from outside experts. Policies designed to bring back the overheated economies mitigating and cut down the government expenditure. The rescue effort was increasing the problem which comes from the moral hazard was another criticism. The experts show that Japanese and western countries banks were not in a position to lend a large amount of money to overleverage other firms in Asian during the 1990s which were the boom years. To reform the IMF is to develop missions which are new for example fixed exchange rates system. Also, by providing longer term loans based on macroeconomic policies and this aid in structural economic reforms. A U.S. company that imports laptop computers from Japan knows that in 30 days it must pay in yen to a Japanese supplier when a shipment arrives. 1,600 each. However, the importer will not have the funds to pay the Japanese supplier until the computers have been sold. Describe a global standardization strategy and when you would pursue such a strategy. Describe a localization strategy and when you would pursue such a strategy. Global strategy the world market is treated as one by the organization and as one source of providing local variation. The strategy develops a large competitive advantage based on the global basis. Localization strategy is a strategy in a business that focus on a specific region as they employee the differentiation in selecting the area to be focused on. This is done to cater differences among the operating markets.

Get help DeVry-University ACCT-346 . Please introduce yourself to the class. Tell us your major, a bit about your family, your interests, and whatever else you want to share! 4b. How much are total manufacturing overhead costs? 4c. How much are total inventoriable product costs? 4d. How much are total prime costs? 4e. How much are total conversion costs? The job cost sheet is used to accumulate the three product costs: direct material, direct labor, and factory overhead. Discuss the source documents for determining these amounts (i.e., where do we get these numbers, and how do we arrive at the overhead?). Why is overhead the most difficult to assign? 1. Biltz Company uses a predetermined overhead rate based on direct labor hours to allocate manufacturing overhead to jobs. 582,000 and 135,000 direct labor hours were worked. 525,000 of manufacturing overhead during the year and that 150,000 direct labor hours would be worked.

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