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Be friendly – making a good first impression with your new class and roommates is absolutely vital, especially in the first few weeks of college when friendship groups begin to form and long lasting bonds are made. Don’t hide your stress – the worst thing you can do to combat your inevitable college stress and anxiety is keep it a secret. Instead, try to be proactive and combat it with things like yoga and even talking to your peers about your worries. Keep a healthy diet – try to avoid that stereotype of the freshman 15! You don’t have to eat unhealthily just because you are living in a dorm, make sensible decision about food and you will feel the benefits. Consider Greek life – if you are worried about making friends in college, then joining a sorority or fraternity might be a good option for you. It gives an immediate community to be a part of. Or even better, get them free – when you are searching for your text books before the semester starts, always be on the lookout for free e-book versions of certain publications. They are much more common that you might realise. Utilize technology – don’t just use technology for your personal and social media life. Make the most of organizational and education apps to help you get your college life together. You can schedule your studying and your extra curricular commitments in all in one pocket sized planner. Don’t beat yourself up – the transition from high school to college can be very difficult, both socially and academically. Don’t be down on yourself if you happen to receive a bad grade for an assignment, you learn from your mistakes and try to improve for the next essay, it’s not the end of the world!

Before I started my course at university I had a very wrong Idea of what a site investigation is. I thought it was just going at the site and taking pictures to see how big it is and write it in the report. Well, I couldn’t be more wrong about it. There are two parts that make up a site investigation complete. The desk study, which is information taken from databases, the internet and other sources, and the walk-over survey, which is generally going on the site to analyse the area. The site investigation is always made by the architect who is designing the building. The desk study is all the information found about the area without having to attend the site. You can find the information you need from databases, the internet etc. This part of the study consist of the biggest amount of information you need to find.

Local climate: this information is useful as temperature varies with location, houses expand or shrink therefore calculations need to be taken before designing the house, also this can affect the choice of the material. Another reason that this information is needed is because of the insulation that is going to be installed on the house and the temperature resistance that is required. Wind/Windspeed: wind can be considered as a load on the building. The taller the building is, the bigger the wind force is going to be and therefore that can affect the structure-type that has to be used to be designed. Snow: when the site you are designing for is located in an area that snows that would require a building that is going to take greater loads. When a lot snow is gathered it can put great loads on the roof of the house. Frost: in different locations there is a problem with frost on the houses and that can damage the material of the building.

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