Emo subcalture

Think about a subculture that you identify with and create an essay that explains this  subculture to an outsider. Keep in mind, this is not an autobiography. It is not your life’s  story. It is a first person narrative that explores and engages how your subculture interacts  with the larger culture. This essay can use storytelling, dialogue, and vernacular to show the  reader the “insides” of your subculture. We will discuss these details extensively in class.
As we read essays, think about the definition of the word “autoethnography” in Pratt’s essay  and then think about how the sample autoethnographies that we read target their audience and  use storytelling as a tool to shape an argument. We will fast write in class to help you  select specific scenes or moments that relate to your subculture that could help you begin to  build the essay.

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