Environmental conservation: An Inspiration from Wangari Mathai

Environmental conservation: An Inspiration from Wangari Mathai

Protecting the environment is important for the continued survival of all species including human being. When the environment is conserved, there are not only immediate benefits that accrue from it, but also protection will be for the future generations to enjoy. According to Fifield, Wangari Mathai was a strong advocate of environmental movement in Kenya despite being harassed by the government and its machinery. Due to her strong believe, the protection of a public park called “Uhuru Park” located in Nairobi was enabled (Fifield). Jha equates Chipko to be another movement in India that involved the protest of cutting down of trees on the foot hills of Himalayan mountains to build a new palace by Maharajah of Jodhpur. The women put their lives at risk like Wangari Mathai by hugging the trees and refusing to let go of the trees.

The National Wildlife Federation in partnership with Earth Networks wants to build environmental awareness through promotion of learning inside and outside the classrooms for all age groups of children. This is aimed at promoting environmental literacy and increasing awareness on sustainability and “greening issues” for children, parents, tutors and the general public. This is similar to what Wangari Mathai advocated about educating the public about the conservation of the environment. The national wildlife federation aims to grow the public knowledge of the natural world and the need for protecting it while at the same time enjoying the outdoors. The conservation of “Uhuru Park” enabled the people of Nairobi to have a place to go and relax from the busy life of the city and the park has seen the introduction of recreational facilities like boat rides among others (Fifield).

Therefore, it is the responsibility of every human being to protect the environment, but sometimes it takes the bravery of those passionate about the environment to remind us of its importance. Teaching children on environmental conservation is protecting the future of the environment.


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