Environmental ((Ecological Footprint ))

  1. Name Ecological Footprint
    Please conduct an analysis of your ecological footprint, being as honest as you can. Next choose another country and conduct the same analysis using the mindset of what you would imagine a person living in that country would have.
  2. http://footprintnetwork.org/en/index.php/GFN/page/calculators/

    Please answer the follong questions:

    1. How many planets would it take to support the global population if everyone live the same lifestyle that you do? How many globally productive acres are necessary to just support you?

    2. What sector ( Food, Shelter, Mobility, Goods, Services) of the analysis was the largest contributer to your personal impact?

    3. Can you identify way in which you could modify your behavior to reduce your personal footprint?

    4. Which alternative country did you choose and what was the difference in the impacts between yours and that country in terms of the overall footprint?

    5. What would you recommend that we as a society do to reduce our ecological footprint?

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