Project description
Landfills will have an impact in the area where they are built. There will be increased traffic, odors, noise, and changes to the landscape as the landfill grows in size. There is never a perfect location where some level of compromise will not be required. As you are the city engineer tasked to choose between two options, give your rational for your selecting either option A or B below:
a. Located on the edge of a national park that is visited by people seeking to enjoy the beauty and wilderness of this country. You anticipate complaints from bureaus within the federal and state governments, from the tourist board, and from local interest groups.
b. You can locate the landfill closer the neighborhoods of the municipality where you can expect complaints from local citizens claiming loss of property value a quality of life, and from citizen suits threatening to file an environmental justice lawsuit.
There is a third option, but it raises the cost for managing municipal waste to a level that will make it difficult to attract industry that will be willing to pay these costs and to provide jobs and employment for the local citizens and to raise tax revenue needed to operate schools and local infrastructure.

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