The online academic writing industry is still very young. Circumstances in this rapidly-changing industry cause most of the legitimate websites to share some of the same characteristics, so you can recognize them. They all want to show you that they really are educated, professional, and proud of their work. You will know when you have found a good academic writing company because the website, customer service, and policies will all demonstrate that they want to impress you and keep doing business with you. The academic writing industry is not like other industries. Most websites claiming to offer custom papers and essays do not deliver what they promise. It is natural that most of the websites offering example papers are not really what they seem to be. Anywhere in the world, people can easily start websites that claim to offer original papers. Some sell prewritten (plagiarized) papers, and others sell papers written in strange/incorrect English.

For every ten of these fake essay websites, you might see one real, legitimate one. Any website may be operated by serious writers, or it may be a scam/fake website. All the suggestions in this article are based on one observation: The fake websites focus on getting the initial sale, and the reliable websites spend time encouraging repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising. If a site is really operated by professional writers, it certainly will offer research, writing, editing, and revision service. Some sites only offer example papers, and they do not offer editing service. This makes no sense, and when something about a site makes no sense it probably means the site is not trustworthy. Real freelance writers want to build their clientele, so they accept many types of orders. Many can even help with non-academic writing projects – resume & cover letters, professional biographical sketches, web content, advertisements. Professional writers have diverse skills. Do not order from a simplistic website just because the ordering process is quicker and easier.

You might end up with a useless paper. Asks you for a lot of information about the requirements of your assignment. Professional writers are people with analytical minds. They will want a lot of information from you about how to complete your order correctly. A good academic writing service will give you the option to explain your situation and get a price quote. A “fake” essay website may have a very simple order form and offer fixed prices that vary based on the deadline you choose. Legitimate websites may offer some services at fixed prices, but the prices vary according to the project details. A trustworthy website will not oversimplify your order. Because writing academic papers is not a simple kind of work. When real academic writers are building a business based on client satisfaction, they will have an order form that includes many questions and options. They also may invite you to communicate with them in a free consultation. If the website encourages you to provide a lot of information about the requirements, it is a sign that they may actually have real writers who want to do well and earn your trust.

When you find the best essay website, it will be one that has writers who try to build their popularity and expand their client base. Websites that offer real custom papers must be operated by talented people with specialized skills. They need to be highly educated, but they also need to be excellent communicators, speed-readers, extremely intuitive Web researchers – and they must take pride in their work. Some of the best websites have writers whose work is so popular that they become like mini-celebrities among their clients. These popular writers are the ones you should try to find. Similarly, the most popular websites in the industry got that way by being the best, and when their popularity increased their workload increased as well. Over the course of several busy years, the best have become even better by gaining experience with a high volume of orders. For professional academic writers, a new client is very valuable. They must offer excellent customer service to prove to you that they are educated scholars who speak and write well in English and can follow your instructions. A site with no phone number is not a good choice.

A site with elusive customer service is probably a scam. Even if you don’t want to talk to them on the phone, you should at least call to see if it is a real number. Some websites also have a Live Chat. This is a useful way to demonstrate that they can understand your project and communicate intelligently about it. Even if you find a site with Web content that seems okay, you may chat with them or exchange some emails and notice grammar errors and strange English. Those few, rare websites that offer real custom papers and essays will always be ready to respond to you and discuss your project. The reliability of an essay website is reflected in its Customer Service. What guarantee would you like to see from a professional writer you hire to follow your instructions? You probably want her to say something honest and specific. If she guarantees you will get an A after hiring her, it is unrealistic and you know she is not being honest with you. If she guarantees she will follow all your instructions and write with excellent structure and style, she may indeed be an experienced, trustworthy professional.

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