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” In other words, “How does it fill a gap in the scholarship? ” Or “How is my ‘take’ different from others’? ” The answer needs to come in the introduction or at the beginning of the body. You need to push against or talk back to or write in dialogue with your critics. Such a strategy will enable you to use them but not be used by them. Also try to avoid relying too heavily on one critic or patching together an argument from multiple critics. Remember: If you overuse critics, the paper will read like a book report. MLA format: Your use of the MLA format is still problematic. First, some of you are still misusing the slash mark. Put a space on either side of the slash mark. Second, get my help on your WC lists. One error that repeats over and over again is incorrect use of cross-referencing.

Third, be sure to cite at least five sources on your play. Remember that five is the minimum. We’re now at the point in the semester when most students START their research projects. Given that fact, you’re not in bad shape—everyone has been at least marginally working on the term project for ten weeks now. The outlines, though, suggest to me that various types of work need to be done before you can attempt a full researched draft. Since we don’t have time on Tuesday to go over both the exam and the outline, I’m sending this message to deal with the latter. A huge problem is that SEVEN of you—one person short of a THIRD of the class—didn’t do the assignment. It’s the crucial assignment for getting the paper right, and a whole bunch of you won’t get the benefit of my feedback. That omission defeats the purpose of doing the project in stages.

Many of you who did turn in an outline need to rethink its organization. I have, in such cases, made specific suggestions about how the outline should flow. You may want to make an appointment to come see me about your work in progress. This is the point in the semester when a conference can be most useful. Some of you need to do more research. If that is the case, I’ve told you in my marginal comments. Your outline was a patchwork of critics’ views. You let them take over and do the heavy lifting, or you considered the outline to be a book report on what others have said about your focused topic. You neglected to have a review of previous criticism early in the paper. You used sources but did not have at least five critical sources (pieces of Shakespeare criticism). You LISTED sources but did not cite any of them in the outline.

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