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This kind of writing requires smaller words and shorter sentences, is intended to be easily understood by a general audience, and should be fact-based, and free of personal opinions, slang, bias, or emotionality. This writer does their homework, gathering information with organized and pertinent research, cites resources, and writes concisely and efficiently. This personality tends to write as a “knee-jerk” response to an event or topic that causes an emotional reaction. They use their writing as a vehicle to release excess emotion, tension, fear, grief, or anger, and find it difficult to remain objective about their subject matter. Their writing is generally manifested as a personal opinion, and they tend to use the word “I” often. This kind of writing is good for editorials, or for writing reviews or opinions for peers. At times this writer may provoke controversial or antagonistic responses in readers who do not agree with the opinions expressed. In fact, sometimes this is the intention!

This writer may also be looking for affirmation or commiseration from readers. This writer wants to persuade you, and invoke a reaction and an action with their writing. Usually they present a problem, cause you to react, and end up by telling you what you can do about it. Tell you where to go to sign a petition to stop this travesty. This personal style is writing that is designed to entertain the reader. It can be fictional or non-fictional. It can be historical, humoristic, biographical, fantasy, personal, third person, or metaphorical. But it is always a story that will be complete with descriptions of people and personalities, places, events, etc. This writer wants to share experiences, emotions, feelings, and make you feel like you are there as an observer. This writer is in it for the money, plain and simple. This is non-fiction, how-to writing. This writer is knowledgeable about a certain subject, or knows a skill that he/she wants to describe or teach about. Most academic, technical, legal, or medical essays fall into this category.

These writers enjoy writing about what they are experts at, and love to research new or informative things that they can teach their readers about. This person never knows what they are going to write about. They have no idea what their writing style is, and they are not aware they should have one. They don’t research, don’t do SEO optimization, and have no particular audience in mind. They may write haphazardly, straying off-topic, and use several different writing styles all in the same piece of work. They tend to write “off-the-cuff”, with no particular objective in mind, and are unorganized. Their articles may include several different subject matters that are unrelated, and if you start reading something they have written, you never know where you will end up. This is the kind of writer you don’t want to be! Consider where you will be publishing your writing. Which one are YOU?

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