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Complete the CodeAcademy JavaScript course. Complete the CodeAcademy Learn the Command Line course. Complete the CodeAcademy Ruby course. Complete the CodeAcademy Learn Git course. Complete the CodeAcademy PHP course. Complete the Angular JS course. Complete the React JS Part I course. Complete the React JS Part II course. Complete the JQuery course. Use Noteflight to create an original song of at least 10 measures. Complete the Making Music with Linux Challenge. Use Audacity to record and edit a 30-second radio commercial. The commercial should contain the following: – Name of product, company, or service. Who or what is it? Purpose of product or service. What does it do or why do I want it? How much does it cost? Perform at least three high-quality impressions of famous celebrities, politicians, or historical figures. ] – Each impression must be at least 10 seconds in length. Impressions should be recorded using Audacity.

2. Pass the CIW Internet Business Associate Exam. Must have teacher approval to take the exam. 3. Create an Emergency Response Kit with your family. You need to do the following: – Create an Excel Spreadsheet that lists all of the items such as food, water, and other supplies. Create a Microsoft Word Document that lists important emergency information such as an evacuation plan or safe meeting place. DO NOT INCLUDE PERSONAL INFORMATION SUCH AS SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS OR PASSWORDS IN THE DOCUMENT YOU SUBMIT TO ME. Take a photo of you (and your family) with the emergency response kit. 4. Successfully participate in the Novel Study group for one of the following two books: 1. 1984 by George Orwell. This a dystopian novel, originally published in 1949, that describes a world in which the government controls every aspect of your lives. Citizens are expected to think and act exactly as told. Winston Smith wants to know what the real history is from before the Revolution. 2. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. Set in the distant future, the Earth is attacked by an alien race. Andrew “Ender” Wiggin is a third, an exception to Earth’s two-child policy. Can he help save the Earth?

U requires you to give an account of any uncertainties or errors in the experiment. For instance, if there were some conditions in the experiment beyond your control, you should point them out in this part. The letter N stands for new discoveries. If you realized something new that was not anticipated in the experiment, it is also important that you state it so that your readers are enlightened on the particular lab experiment. In order to give your readers a universal view on the subject of the experiment. On this part, you can give a brief discussion on the impact of your experiment in the field. In case there is anything innovative in the study, this is the point where you can point it out. However, it is not mandatory to relate the study to others. Do not just leave your report hanging but ensure that all the loose ends are tied together. In wrapping up the conclusion, it is important that you give a statement that summarizes the entire scope of the lab experiment and key elements of the conclusion.

This is your chance to make a final comment on the report that will make it unique from others. Most students often assume that working on an experiment as group implies a collaborative effort in writing the lab report. However, it should be noted that the report is always an individual work. Therefore, it is always advisable that you do not copy the conclusion made by another person since that will amount to plagiarism. Create an outstanding lab report conclusion that is unique but reflects the actual statistics of the experiment. If you are using tables and diagrams, always ensure that they are well illustrated with correct figures of the study. Besides, each should also have a caption. Since you are conducting an experiment, it is also important that you do not forget to include the references to or sources of your study. The following are links to examples of well researched lab report papers that will help you to know more on how to write a conclusion for a lab report.

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