Descriptionpurpose: To demonstrate what you have learned during the course of the module in a capstone exercise.

TASK:To write a five thousand word essay answering one of the questions below. The guidelines to this submission are located in the attached document
-1)The United Nations Security Council needs to change to reflect the realities of the international system. Discuss this statement.
-2)Compare the changes in the role of Secretary General between the election of Trygve Lie and Ban Ki-Moon.
-3)The United Nations needs to actively enforce the peace rather than simply keeping it. Discuss this statement.
-4)Compare and Contrast the principles of the United Nations to its actions in at least two case studies.
-5)nternational Criminal Courts are simply a new form of Imperialism. Discuss.
-6)Disarmament should be at the centre of the UN?s mission. How Far do you agree with this statement?
-7)The United Nations has too much bureaucracy and should leave development to NGOs. Discuss this Statement.
-8)The presence of dictators and authoritarian regimes in the Security Council undermines the legitimacy of the United Nations. How far do you agree with this statement?