Video Discussions-Three Quotes minimum required (three different sources about ETHICS other than the video) from text, powerpoint or articles from the Cal Poly Pomona library website. When you quote make sure and list the page number or slide number or paragraph number in APA.

Paper must have a minimum of three ethical theory subheadings such as: Moral Universalism, Utilitarianism, Consequentialism, Kantian Ethics, Social Contract Theory, Intuitionism, Virtue Ethics, Feminist Ethics, Moral Nihilism, and/or Ethical Explorations, Ethical Provocations, Conflicts as Creative Opportunities. You may also use other ethical theory subheadings. Papers must also have an Introduction section and a Conclusion section with a subheading.
Must be grammatically correct and all spelling must be correct.

Please NO PLAGIARISM, I will submit the video discussion and book discussion separately to NO MORE than 20% originality.

Please DO NOT use outdated sources
Minimum 200 words
Discussion need to bring ethical theory while discussion the video.

Required book to read: Shafer-Landau, R.  (2012).  The fundamentals of ethics (2nd ed.).  New York, NY: Oxford  University Press.

Read:    Shafer:    Chapter 19 – Ethical Relativism
Chapter 20 – Moral Nihilism
Chapter 21 – Ten Arguments against Moral Objectivity

View Powerpoint in Bb – 19a

Video Clip:

Discussion Ideas: Write a personal response to this film. Possible points to discuss but are not limited to: Should chocolate manufacturers be held responsible for working condition in plantations they do not control or own? If so, what should chocolate manufacturers be expected to do? Is the Ivory Coast government pretending to inforce child labor laws? Are the cocoa plantations still to blame? Should consumers of chocolate be held accountable? How?

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