If you think that you have writing in your blood or if you think you have a story that needs to be heard, then stick with me because we are going for a ride together. As anyone who has ever read any one of my articles knows, I like to do several articles on the same subject to give the pieces time to ferment if you will. I have been writing this book for over ten years and still have not done anything with it. If you would like to write a book then you could do worse than what I am about to share with you. First you need to read alot! Reading is the nourishment of every writer. I believe you can’t be an effective writer without feeding your mind with words. Next you need to write. Not books necessarily. Anything, journals, articles(like this one) or anything that you can put onto a paper so that you can see who you are literally. Also you need to learn.

Books, magazines like Writer’s Digest, classes on writing, creative or otherwise and writing seminars are valuable resources that enable a writer to learn the craft. For example I took a course on non-fiction writing and found out that you don’t need to write a book to have one published! Really. Now it is not a guarantee of success. Hard work and perserverence are imperative to be a writer. Also you better like yourself! You will be spending a lot of time with you if you write. However, you can create characters to keep you company. More on that later. So in the coming weeks we will learn together the process of being a published writer. Or not. Remember, no guarantees! Now I gotta get to work, maybe you can   write  something too! Let’s do it, shall we?