Experience the quest!
Experience the quest is the slogan for the game “Boda Borg” in Boston and other cities around the world. I need an essay that explains the game, its roles, the Quests, mental and physical challenges with in games, types of costumers and ages, how fun it is for various rang of ages, is it successful in Boston is it successful and popular around the world as well Is it effective in decreasing the danger of obesity especially among youths and adolescents. Could a project like that help changing youths and adolescents lifestyle especially with the idea of “No video games, no virtual reality” with in games. Could a project like that work in a conservative society like Saudi Arabia -the answer has to be Yes, but some modifications so the socity can accept this idea- What are the differences between “Boda Borg” and any regular gym or theme park …etc
-quotation and citation are important.
– my writing style is simple and clear, I don’t use complicated sentences.
This is “Boda Borg” website :