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Humanistic counseling
Title: The humanist approach to counselingWord count 18Learning outcomes assessed
5.1 Explain the main elements of the humanist theory related to this counseling approach5. Identify the key concepts of person-centered counseling5.3 Describe the existential approach to counseling5. Identify the key skills used in humanistic
Assessment tasksYou are encouraged to carry out your own research using various resources such as the internet and books. Please note that your research should be used to support your essay. When addressing the task, write in a logical and structured way. Use of headings is permitted. Include a reference list. All questions and answers should be arranged in one document, you may include photographs or drawings which are relevant to this subject. There is a guided word count of 1,8 words, which is flexible to task requirements.
As this is another essay, you can draw on tutor feedback from the unit assessment.
Remember to use the essay structure outlined in the unit assessment guidance.
Make sure that you explain the core elements of the humanist theory and provide a few key examples. Once you have done this, you can integrate a discussion about specific approaches within this theoretical base; for example, person-centered and existential approaches.
Remember to identify key skills used in humanistic approaches because they not only encompass basic counselling skills but also have some specific skills that counsellors use.
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