prepare an ‘export report?? for a company of their choosing that is seeking to export goods and/or services to  foreign markets. This report will have four main modules, each with its own conclusion and recommendations. The four  modules will be prepared in three separate pieces as follows (more detailed guidance to be placed on Moodle):

(i) Part 1 will contain the first two modules. Module 1 is a company situational analysis which includes a product  profile, target market profile, an industry analysis and a SWOT analysis. Module 2 contains a global market search in  which potential countries are evaluated against criteria in order to create a short list of the most promising  markets. These criteria used for analysis will include demographics, economic criteria, infrastructure, local  consumption patterns, and the political and legal environment.
(ii) Part 2 will contain the third and fourth modules. Module 3 is an in depth target market analysis looking into  the most promising two potential markets in relation to import regulations, foreign exchange rates, country  infrastructure, market channel conditions and legal/political environment in target markets chosen based on the  analysis done in Module 2 above. Module 4 will contain the entry strategy for the target markets which will include a  distribution strategy and exchange rate strategy.
(iii) Part 3 will integrate the four modules into a final report. This report will do an integrative scenario  analysis and make an overall assessment of the likelihood of export success in the target market(s) as well as  development and discussion of changes in strategy and tactics that are to be used in the case of major changes in  operating environment. The final report will contain an executive summary, contents page, an introduction, main body  of text, reference list, and final conclusions and recommendations. All analysis must refer explicitly to the data  collected for the four modules.
Further details on data sources, templates and other guidance on the particulars of preparing this report will be posted on Moodle early in the semester.



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