Writing Prompt 1- Campaign Finance Reform:


Campaign finance reform, and the influence of money in politics more generally, is a contentious, unresolved issue. Make an argument for either more or less government regulation of campaign financing. Be sure to include the following:

  • A summary of recent developments in campaign finance law in the United States, including acts of Congress and Supreme Court cases.
  • A clear explanation as to why there should be more/less regulation of campaign finance. Be specific.
  • An example of when a lack of regulation/too much regulation of campaign finance harmed American democracy.
  • Predictions for the future—what barriers do you expect will inhibit the changes you suggest from occurring?

Writing Prompt 2- The Mass Media and an Enlightened Public:

The freedom of the press was included in the First Amendment to guarantee citizens’ access to news and information. Americans largely rely on the mass media to learn about what is going on in government and in the wider world.

Throughout American history, the public’s access to objective reporting has been threatened by partisan bias in the press, sensationalism, and attempts by the government to regulate the media. Additionally, political campaigns and politicians have long attempted to circumvent and control media coverage. And, in the contemporary era, new trends such as narrowcasting and media consolidation are seen by some as threats to the public’s ability to become informed. Your essay must contain the following information:

What about today’s media environment do you believe is the greatest obstacle to an enlightened public?


  • Why?


  • Provide a definition of this obstacle.


  • Use references from the text.


  • Provide two (2) recent examples of this threat.


  • Describe how it impeded the public from becoming informed.




Paper requirements

You must have a very clear thesis statement.

  •  You must provide support for your thesis that is based on evidence (Legal, Empirical, Moral, Political)
  •  You must use a minimum of two outside sources. You must use APSA/ APA  or MLA formatting in your   citations.

You will be required to use in-text citations as well as providing a works cited at the end of your essay.

*Any thought that is not your own, must be cited.

  • Your essay must be written in the format of a research paper which outlines a proposed policy.
  • You must use complete sentences and present coherent thoughts in your argument.
  • You must include a works cited
  • The essay must be 2 to 3 pages in length
  •  Font size should be 12 point font
  •  Font style should be Times New Roman
  •  The essay must be double spaced




Points will be taken off for:

  • Sloppy presentation, unorganized writing, and incoherent thoughts.
  • Failure to answer all components of the writing prompt you choose to write about, and failing to follow style guidelines.
  • Writing in first person (My opinion, I think, I believe, etc).
  • Having grammatical errors, misspellings, incomplete sentences, and other errors.
  • Failure to use in-text citations and use proper APSA/ APA or MLA formatting.


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