Write a financial appeal letter stating why you should get the financial aid asistance………………


I wish to appeal for financial aid to pay my tuition and other learning expenses. I was suspended from receiving the aid on [DATE] due to failure to meet the required academic performance. Having been laid off in May 2011, I tried in vain to concentrate on my academic work due to the constraints resulting from the economic challenges that followed my being laid off.

I was psychologically unprepared for the layoff and therefore failed to balance between my studies and the economic challenges that followed. In the past, I always performed well academically and hope to continue with the good performance after getting the financial aid back since I am no longer experiencing the same economic challenges I was going through. Moreover, I have learnt to cope with such a situation in case it occurs again in the future. Among the coping mechanisms I have been able to successfully come up with is to separate work and studies and ensure neither of them interferes with the other. I will also seek tutoring services for the classes I find difficult and coordinate with the other students in discussion groups to ensure I maintain good academic performance. I have developed a working back up plan to ensure my economic needs are taken care of even in the event of a similar situation in the future.

I am unable to continue with my studies without the financial aid yet my education is of much importance to me. Thank you for your time and consideration for my appeal. In case there is something else I can do to make the appeal process successful, I am ready to comply. I apologize for any inconveniences that arose thereof

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