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Long-Term Investment Decisions
October 6, 18

Is the goal of long-term stock price maximization good or bad for society?Do corporations have social responsibility. If so, why, if not, why not?
October 6, 18

Term Paper Physics is what you see happening around you. In physics, we explain nature. We use what we learn to invent and improve. We use physics to improve our standard of living. I want everyone to have fun with this term paper! Find something around you that helps to improve your life and explain it, using physics. Pick something that you are passionate about. You can pick something like a water pump, stapler, or even a light bulb. You must explain the basic physics and mechanics behind the object, device, or gadget. If you would like to run your idea by me, please email me a few sentences on your chosen topic. The paper should be about 3 pages, double spaced, with a reference section at the end. You must include a minimum of three references which are also cited in the paper. Be consistent. The paper should have a minimum of 6 words and no more than 1, not counting citations and pictures. It must be typed and submitted to the appropriate dropbox in Word format. The dropbox folder can be found under the ACTIVITIES tab of the course page. No late term papers will be accepted. Be careful not to pick something too extravagant which cannot be fully explained in your word count limitation. For example, do not pick a cell phone or automobile, as these types of devices or machines cannot possibly be fully explained in that short of space. Similarly, do not pick something like a safety pin that may not have enough to talk about and keep interesting. Remember that you want to focus more on the physics of the object than its history. Don’t be vague, as your grade will reflect your understanding of how the object works. Quotes should be used only when the wording is important. Otherwise, paraphrase the idea and cite it! Don’t forget to use your text book. Keep in mind that there are new words that you are learning every week. Use some of that jargon; it will be beneficial to apply these terms to something that you are interested in talking about! Avoid repetition and proofread your paper (check grammar and spelling). Also, feel free to use images to make a point clear. Do not assume the reader knows exactly what you are explaining. Remember to cite the image if it is from the internet or another author. A good student in this course should have fun reading your paper and learn something useful from it! That student is your audience. Be original. This paper MUST be your own creation, in your own words. You will get out of it what you put into it. Fully understanding how something works is no easy task and requires some extensive thought. Make this paper something that you can be proud of doing. As always, be concise. Make statements that can be backed up with evidence and present that evidence. Think about form and style. Write this paper in a way that is informative and also interesting! o An A-paper will have an extensive, accurate, and comprehensive explanation of the principles that make the object work, in a well organized paper and with very few flaws. o A B-paper will have an accurate explanation of most of the principles that make the object work, with minor flaws. o A C-paper will have an adequate explanation of some principles that make the object work, and will include some significant flaws. o A below average paper will avoid explaining the principles that make the object work and will be extensively flawed.



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