Write a research paper about Forrest Gump, compare the disability person in the movie and in the society. Can write the negative way and the positive way. How the movie influence the society. The main topic is about “disability person”


1. I need a Writing Research Proposal, just write a paragraph saying what you are going to be researching and what type of content your paper is going to include.

2. I need Library Narrative, write one page talking about what you’ve been researching, where you’ve been finding your information, how you’ve been finding your information, and your researching process.

3. I need annotated Bibliography, the instructions are on Blackboard. Basically, you just have to cite at least five credible sources in MLA format and then for each source write 100-180 words summarizing the source, explaining how it is a believable source, and how it is going to relate to your paper.


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