• Free Speech and the Flag?

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    Well, it seems another artist is trying to express his free speech in another painting. Read the article and view a print of the painting yourself. http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2005/07/20/BAGV0DQLCS1.DTL - article and painting Before answering the questions below on the painting, you should read the material on the link about the American Flag. Then answering the following questions. 1. To obtain the best grade, you need to comment on the painting in light of the material read about the handling of the U.S. flag or do you discount that information as irrelevant to the painting?

    Also watch this You Tube video of the origin of our national anthem.  You may have to copy and paste into your browser. Comment on this video clip also if you think it relevant.


    2. What is your opinion of the painting?

    xid-11241309_1 3. Has free speech been carried too far? Explain. 4. Should there be any limits whatsoever on how far someone can go to criticize our nation? What are those limits? 5. Does the painting incite anyone to overthrow the United States? 6. How do you interpret this painting by Stephen Pearcy?

    7.  Now look at the two images below.  Why is the one on the left (mask of George Herbert Walker Bush) free speech and the one one the right (mask of Barack Obama) not free speech or should they both be free speech or should they both not be free speech?  Explain with more than a yes or no answer.


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    Free Speech and the Patriot Act


    Read the attached article http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2005/04/010023.phpNotice the left hand painting of Bush with the gun to his head. This is part of a painting by Al Brandtner entitled “Patriot Act”. The painting is not just one of these “stamps” but multiple ones in a pattern like a sheet of stamps would be. Knowing that it is against the law to threaten a president of the United States, does this painting constitute free speech? In otherwords is it o.k.? Explain your reasons. Does the painting threaten President Bush? Explain. Does it pose a “clear and present danger”? Explain It you were the president and that was you with the gun pointing at your head, would you feel the same way? Explain. 

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    Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, the Negro Project, and When Life Begins.

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    Before you complete the assignment on Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood and the Negro Project, tell me when you believe life begins.  You might want to look at the video in Question #9 before answering. 

    1. Formulate your opinion on exactly and specifically when you believe LIFE BEGINS. How do you come to this conclusion? Is it based on what you have learned from your parents, friends, school, faith, or what? Have you come to this conclusion from medical evidence, spiritual beliefs, or the news media? Include any specific evidence such as medical studies, Biblical passages, news reports, Internet information, etc. At this point I am NOT asking your opinion on abortion but the first question is when you believe life begins.  I mean physical life itself not something with any deeper meaning than that.  Some students have said that it only begins at nine months when the baby is actually in this world out of the womb.  That’s not what I’m getting at with this question. 

    2. Can the government legislate morality? (Be careful here and think about stealing, murder, etc. and our laws

    compared to other cultures.)3. Is Roe v. Wade valid if it was based on a lie? Google Roe v Wade for one Supreme Court case. Also check

     out Bolton v Doe.4. Does abortion constitute murder or is it simple a woman’s choice?I don’t just want I believe __ without evidence or how you have arrived at this conclusion. Congress is making decisions on these very issues.  Be sure to consider what you said in Question #1 on when life begins. 

    Websites:  Browse the National Right to Life committee website http://www.nrlc.org/ Click on the right hand side of the website and view the partial birth arotion procedure. 




    Browse the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League website http://naral.org/index.html (click on “continue on to the NARAL Pro-Choice America website”).  Watch the movie clip, “Must all good things end?”  Read one of the articles under Issues.

    NOW, explore the information below using the blackgenocide website and complete this part of the project.

    http://www.blackgenocide.org/planned.htmlYou may explore the website as you wish (going back to the homepage for more), but I want you to go specifically go to the following areas:1. Why We Oppose Planned Parenthood2. The Truth About Margaret Sanger3. The Negro ProjectThen if you can possibly stand it, look at the Abortion Photos and the video: “Harder Truth”.

    A few students think this is a bias website so I have included the pro-choice website at the end of this assignment.  You might also like to look at the Frederick Douglas website for additional information. 


    5. I want you to look at this investigative website started by a teenager, Lila Rose. You might  find the website interesting showing infiltration of current Planned Parenthood. There was some investigative reports of some of the employees and their tactics. That website is http://liveaction.org

    What are your thoughts on what you watched? Be very specific and detailed.6.  I want you to write a short paper on your reactions to Margaret Sangers views and the Negro Project(you will not be able to do the Negro Project if this website is not working). Look carefully at Margaret Sanger’s own words and you might also research eugenics if you have time.You might find the link information of the 21-month old baby very interesting and amazing.planned parenthood attachment – 21 month old baby grabbing surgeons finger.docx 

    Planned Parenthood-Margaret Sanger quotes.docx 

    7.   Be sure to include at least ONE QUOTE from the research materials you have looked at; include in parenthesis the reference.  If you would like to add anything else, feel free to do so.  Send as an email attachment.Did you know any of this information? In my on-campus classes, I have a video put out by another organization that presents the same viewpoints on Margaret Sanger and her Hitler-like views.IF the blackgenocide website is not operating when you begin this assignment, use the following information:Go to http://www.nrlc.org and type in Margaret Sanger in the search engine for multiple sites. Or you can also go directly to http://www.nrlc.org/news/2004/NRL07/margaret_sanger_and_planned_pare.htmAlso go to the http://www.nrlc.org site and click on ISSUE INFORMATION dropdown menu, then abortion. You will have multiple places to get information. There is even one selection “ When Does Life Begin” that will be helpful to you. There are other areas like “Medical Facts” that will give you more information. Feel free to explore to formulate your opinion.Feel free to also go to the pro-choice website http://www.naral.org for opposing viewpoints.Look carefully at Margaret Sanger’s own words and you might also research eugenics if you have time. 

    8.  Now look at the link of the 21-week old baby(I may have it labeled 21-month – that’s obviously wrong) and give me your thoughts and views of that amazing phenomenon of life.  Feel free to comment the story as well.

    9.  Finally look at the video that follows and give me your impressions of this remarkable advancement in technology 

    This is an amazing video on human life from conception to birth using the newest x-ray scanning technology that won its two inventors the NobelPeace Prize.  This is a remarkable color video every person should see.   

    1.jpgWatch Video 

    Conception to Birth – Visualized 

    User: n/a - Added: 4/21/12 

    YouTube URL: http://www.yout

    I have provided two different versions so that you can watch whichever one you would like.  

    [ Click On : ]


    10. After researching all this information are you for or against abortion?  Is this a new viewpoint from what you reported in Chapter 1? If you have changed your viewpoint, explain briefly why.

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    Merry Christmas andSquirrels

    The First Amendment says that “Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibit the free exercise thereof…”

    Actually, the Founders originally said Congress shall make no law establishing any one sect (denomination) but revised that after many drafts.

    Now, the discussion at hand centers around the term Merry Christmas. 

    1.  Does saying the phrase “Merry Christmas” establish one religion?  

    2. And who, very specifically, is not to establish any one religion according to the First Amendment?  

    3. Does being told that you can’t say “Merry Christmnas” prohibit the free exercise of the Christian faith that has been celebrated for centuries?    What do you think and explain thoroughly?

    4. What do you think of the following statements in regards to the question about saying “Merry Christmas” or not? These are analogies.  Do you agree or disagree with them is basically what I am asking.  Explain your thoughts.

    Analogy #1: ”Saying Merry Christmas or printing it is as much an establishment of religion as saying that eating a nut makes you a squirrel?” 

     Analogy #2: ”Saying Merry Christmas or printing it is as much an establishment of religion as saying ‘a mouse in a cookie jar is a cookie’?”

    You might want to check our the article on the National Motto found in Assignments, Chapter 4.  This part is not required but might help you answer.

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    National Motto

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    Use this information to help you formulate your opinion on the Merry Christmas assignment.

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