This final project should allow you to synthesize your understanding of fundraising tactics, strategies, and processes as well as to apply the concepts and tools used in designing, developing, and executing an effective fundraising program. Your project will either provide fundraising strategies (options, tools) for your organization or it will present the actual development plan for the organization you have been studying. Both options must include a case statement. If you choose the first option, you should explain why certain elements of a fundraising plan are not required or appropriate at this time. The project should consist of two parts, a PowerPoint presentation and a written plan, both described fully below. PowerPoint Presentation The “oral presentation” of your plan should be clear, concise, energetic, and persuasive. It should consist of no more than 14 PowerPoint slides (not including the title slide) designed to persuade an audience of your organizations board of directors of the wisdom of your overall plan. (These slides should be designed to take no more than 20 minutes to present live.) Content of Presentation Your PowerPoint focus should reflect the paper option that you have selected: (1) identifying fundraising strategies [options, tools] for your organization or (2) describing the actual development plan for your organization. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 10 to 14 slides (not including the title slide) designed to persuade your classmates (who will be acting in the role of your board of directors) that your fundraising strategies will achieve their goals and objectives. (The strategies are those that you’ll present fully in the written part of your final project.) You do not have time to present your entire written plan. In fact, the set of slides you produce should be designed to take no more than 20 minutes to present live. (Use Notes pages in PowerPoint to indicate what you would be saying to accompany each slide.) Focus attention on your tactics and their justification, in contrast, for example, to your organizations history. Avoid a detailed description of SWOT analysis; use a brief version as a platform to justify your proposed objectives, tactics, evaluation, implementation strategies, and costs. Be concise. No slide should have more than 6 bullet points and no bullet point should consist of more than 6 words. NOTE: PLEASE SEPARATE PowerPoint from Written work.

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