General Comments on Essay Questions. These essay questions form the basis for classdiscussion, as well as the essay questions.

General Comments on Essay Questions. These essay questions form the basis for classdiscussion, as well as the essay questions.

They are the heart of the class. A good strategy is to pay attention to them as you do the reading. We will have a brief class discussion about each Essay Question on the dates indicated in this document. (e.g., we will discuss EQ.1 on Thursday Sept 6)

In my experience, superior essays (B+ or A)

, go beyond meeting the requirements for a satisfactoryessay above. The analysis may be especially trenchant; the writing unusually good; or the essay might do one of the following:
• Disprove an alternative thesis.
• Argue pro and con before giving a decision.
• After proving a thesis, relate the ideas in the essay to other assigned reading.

A. Americans Abroad


1. You must write on one of the questions for each unit: A, B, C
2. You must answer one Norton Critical Challenge question (i.e., EITHER EQ. 23 OR EQ. 44)
3. You must answer at least one question requiring a comparative analysis of works of fiction.
All “comparative analysis” questions are marked by a double asterisk (**) on this list of Essay
Questions. Examples include EQ.11(b.), EQ.56(b.), EQ.57, and EQ.58(b.)

So the unit is Americans Abroad and the Essay question is

18. “The Pamplona action is at the heart of book 2, and it places Brett in a world she does not understand. The fact that she has never seen a bullfight suggests that she has not spent much time in Spain and that she knows little of Spanish customs. If Brett as New Woman was very much at home in the progressive atmosphere of Paris, she could not be more alien in the conservative world of traditional Spain, where young ladies are chaperoned until marriage. ”

James Nagel, “Brett and the other women in The Sun Also Rises,” in The Cambridge Companion to Ernest Hemingway (p.96)

** HEMINGWAY AND JAMES Compare and contrast James’s and Hemingway’s depictions of American women abroad.** (essay question)
1.What Makes Humans Human what qualities make us human. What does the writing you’ve done on your blog reveal about your observations and concerns about humanity?

Find specific places where you have discussed our role in relationship to others, yourself, and society at large. Here are a few points you should touch on in your essay:
• Go through your RRs. Which readings sparked the most engaged responses? Pick at least three texts to focus your paper.
• From those three texts, what themes do you see that emerging from your summary and response to them? How do they fit together? In what ways do they highlight your best thinking?

• Include direct quotations to back up your claims about who you are and how you think.
This paper’s focus is YOU. The texts are there to support your thinking.
This is a personal essay, so please feel free to use “I” in your essay. My hope is that you will look deeply into your own thinking process and utilize the shorter pieces of writing you’ve already completed to assist you in this task

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