There could not be a better time to try to get pre-paid free gas gift card. Here are three main reasons why now it’s the time to look for prepaid gas cards:

1) It is summer and many want a discount on their travel. Whether it’s through flying an airplane, train/bus, or driving a car, it’s all about saving on the fuel. The more you save on gas, the more you can spend it on other things for fun.

2) With the recent Oil Spill, many consumers are wondering if there will be a compensation for al this mess. Could we run out of oil? Could there be a BP gas credit card? Who knows – but many are looking to save on gas money as much as possible.

3) The down economy – during the recession there will be more discounts and freebies than before. To make use of the current recession, you should try to win and get many things on a discount (even free gas gift cards). The best part about this is, you’re actually helping to boost the economy this way.

So, how is it possible for companies to get away free gas card?

Well, companies need your feedback on the latest products to hit the market. They need your opinion on what to promote to the public. This mainly includes filling out a brief survey and then you’ll be enter to win your prize. Or, perhaps you can try out sample product/service offers to qualify for the prize.

In either case, nothing is free – but one of the best way to obtain something like a gas gift card is helping market research companies with your opinions. They need people like you to help out especially during this economy.

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