Get a Free Laptop for Students – A New Computer Awaits! There are a few places you can look for a free laptop for students. You will find many organizations that are willing to give you a hand, assuming you meet certain low income guidelines. This can really help families that have kids in school, but cannot afford to buy their own computer. Let’s look at some of the things low income families can do to get a free laptop for students. Your new computer awaits you. Here’s where to look. You will find many nonprofit organizations out there that can offer a free laptop for students. The computers are given, in most cases, to low income families with people attending school. This is not just for kids, since it could also provide a computer to those going to college. Let’s look at some of the nonprofit organizations that are providing free laptops for students.

CRC: The CRC is the Computer Recycling Center. You can apply on their website. Low income families are encouraged to apply, since there are financial guidelines. FreeCycle: This is another great nonprofit organization that can offer up a free laptop for students. The computers are used, donated by individuals. The PC’s are then cleaned up, often refurbished, and then distributed to those in need. C4K: Computers 4 Kids is yet another great place to look for a free laptop for students. You will need to meet certain financial restrictions, so it’s a great option for low income families that cannot afford to buy a PC. You will find many sites that are claiming to offer a free laptop for students, through government grants and other programs. You need to use extreme caution if you use one of these sites. Many of them are simply trying to take advantage of low income families looking for computers. To find out what programs may actually be available, take a trip to your local county courthouse.

They will be able to assist you with local government programs that offer a free laptop for students, along with some federal programs. Low income families will most likely have the best luck since financial restrictions will apply. If you qualify for other forms of government assistance, you might be able to get help with a free netbook or laptop computer. While it might not be the latest and greatest, the price would be right! If you still haven’t found the fee laptop for students you need, there are some other sources you may wish to consider. You may have to go out and actively search to get a computer this way, but it can work, even if you are going to college. Local Civic Groups: You just may find some help for low income families through local civic organizations. The Elk’s or Lion’s Clubs, along with many others could be contacted for help.

Schools: You won’t necessarily find a free laptop for students handed out at the school, but you will find information on various programs that can get a computer into your hands. Churches: You may find someone willing to help at the local church. You may be able to get a used PC from someone. Low income families can have some luck finding computers this way. 5/2014. thus, i want to seek sponsorship because of my low level income and at the same time i am orphan. I firstly want to thank you for your services to humanity. I am from Liberia, West Africa. I am a mechanical engineering student and i am in need of a laptop for free. I am from Ethiopia rural area. I have already a BA Degree now i want to continue my MA but my families are poor to help me in that and especially i need a Laptop but lacked.

Here what i want to ask you is that please help me by sending/giving one/1 Laptop. I am a mother of a child with autistic spectrum. We have been working so hard since he was 17 months old. 6 of the top ten. Because his grades he is enroll in a selective high school (Whitney M. Young Magnet High School in Chicago IL.) This is his freshman year at high school but we have a big problem. We are not homeless but, my family is a poor. We are living with a friend and get a laptop now is not possible. Hi thanks for what you are doing. Please would you help me sending 1 Laptop? I am a student in Addis Ababa University from rural part of poor family. I am a student at Datalink university offering IT and Information systems. Hi thanks for what you are doing. It is very interesting.

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