Get help for Golden Gate University PHL 203 Unit 2 Quiz. In Which of the following is NOT one of the five types of deontological ethics? Deontological” comes from the Greek word “deon”, meaning that which is binding. It holds that acts are right or wrong in and of themselves because of the kinds of acts they are and not simply because of their ends or consequences. Which one of the options below does not logically result from the preceding statement? A. The ends do not justify the means. B. You should choose the outcome with the most pleasurable results. C. A good end or purpose does not justify a bad action. D. You are duty-bound, no matter if the outcome is painful or pleasurable. According to Kant’s ethical system, when one diets in order to lose weight, they are doing an action (dieting) that is good only as a means to something else (losing weight).

After almost 20 yrs of being disablied I am now working full time in Kansas. I went through a program that Dr. Bill had in Ft. Lauderdale a few years ago and he changed my life. You CAN truly change your thought patterns. It is very hard work, but is well worth your time. Through a lot of hard work, allowing myself to feel, being able to safely express my feelings, etc. I was able to take my life back into my own hands. Thank you for your comments. Do not fear your own thoughts. If you work with your thoughts, they will work with you and change. All it takes is recognition and consistency. I am one who is a believer in changing my thoughts and the horrid thoughts abusers gave to me. I can now say I love myself and I am a wonderful person. It took about 4 years but Dr Bill Tollefson is so right. Yes it is possible with consistent practice and commitment. It does not result in a thinking or feeling of superiority, just confidence. I have used this with survivors of servere abuse and trauma as well as veterans from war, and all have been successful when they completely followed throu. Good things rewarded and accepted when one works hard for themselves and believes. Is it really possible to change your imbedded thoughts about yourself like this? This may result in a feeling of superiority, don’t you think so? Of course one should eliminate ‘false’ ideas of self caused by ignorant parents and teachers, but would the active achievement of goals, or some positive experiences, not automatically change the negative pattern?

After the main drawings you are going to include the structural plan, which will show only the walls and columns that take the bearing loads. Continuing from the structural floor plans, we come to the section detail drawings. In these drawings you will go deeper in your design and describe more details. In our project for this year we were required to make four section detail drawings but when you are presenting your work to a client, more section details will be required. And the last drawing you will be required to show is the site strategy. In this drawing you don’t need to design your building in detail, you can just copy paste the external walls into the site map (remember, it has to be on the correct scale). This is to show how the area is going to be used when the building is built and how the site is going to be used. Remember: In all your drawings include name-box, you can get a lot of samples from the internet and AutoCAD itself. After you have finished with the drawings of your design you will be required to make a model. More details can be added, but they are not critically required at university. For example, I included light orientation of my building in the four different seasons of the year, or you can include the wind direction throughout the year etc. These will definitely get you extra marks. Note: If your project is a Proposal for Development, it is not required to include a client or a site investigation, wind direction, light orientation and any information that are affected from the location and the site of your project. That is because you are making a proposal of one of your designs to be used in various sites. However, you are required to include a brief of your project with all the drawings required.

6. Just be plain greedy and believe that this greed will trickle down to you. Be a Capitalist that destroys Capitalism and creates Socialism because of it and cry about it. 7. Blame everyone not responsible for the current self created greedy project and Ponzi scheme we live in. I do not think being political has anything to do with being a patriot. Especially in a Country of rich Politicians who represent no ones views and only their agendas. We are barely a Republic and a Democracy only when they allow us to vote. The people do not choose or pay for elections and they do not run to represent the people. May day and the history of common people fighting the Corporate World to get a fair shake in this country is probably a greater holiday then the 4rth of July. We send hundreds of thousands of our young men and women to fight wars for the Military Industrial Complex and the stock market.

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