Google Glass (launched in April 2014), a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display, is predicted to transform the way we communicate. The tutorial also reviewed the future of ‘drones’ which is projected to change the media landscape.

Apart from the above examples, select ONE media innovation or device which is predicted to shape the future of media or change the media landscape. (hint: consider selecting any mobile devices, wearable/smart technologies, driverless vehicles, gadgets, apps, transponders, etc.).

Review the literature and summarise the views presented. Also, to what extent can advertisers make use of this media innovation/device?

Support the above with evidence sourced from academic references and/or professional sources. (Check each other’s main post and avoid uploading similar examples). Thereafter, comment on each other’s posts (include references here also).

The deadline for this is May. 11th (Sun) – 11:55pm. Anything after this time will not count towards the overall mark. Note: click on “Add a new discussion topic” and answer the main question first before commenting on each other’s posts.

main posting about 500words. repley 3 other students’ posting(about 200words each)

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